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Capture the historic spirit of America’s most bewitching city by the sea.  Discover Salem Massachusetts’s witchcraft trials, tall ship, literature, beautiful architecture, and connection to Hollywood by choosing from two self-guided walking tours or visit the Hocus Pocus movie locations with our free mini tour. All three tours give you the freedom to discover Salem’s historical charm and hidden secrets on your schedule and at your pace! Click on the Learn More buttons below for detailed information on Salem’s Grand Tour or The Essence of Salem tour.

Salem's Grand Tour

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  • 3 Days of Unlimited Access*

  • 37 Stops

  • Includes Audio & Photos

  • $19.99

The Essence of Salem

  • 24 hours of Unlimited Access**

  • 16 Stops

  • Includes Audio & Photos

  • $9.99

**Access begins at midnight on the day you select
and expires the same day at 11:59 pm.

It's Just a Bunch of Hocus Pocus Locations

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  • Unlimited Access

  • 6 Salem Locations

  • 2 Marblehead Locations

  • Free

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*Access begins at midnight on the day you select and expires two consecutive calendar days later at 11:59 pm.